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If your child wants to be a main character then record a video of them singing the children's part to the two songs titled "How to Make a Ham Sandwich" and "Have You Seen the Ham Sandwich".  They also must prepare a short script (2 minutes or under) that displays their ability to act.  Submit the video along with the child's name, phone number, email, address, parent or guardian name, and summer schedule to pianowoodwinds1@gmail.com.  If you want your child to audition Live In-person instead of recording their audition on video and emailing it to the judges, then you must pay a $15 audition fee.  There is no audition fee if you submit a video audition instead of in person.

There will be a participation fee of $30 per child that is in the film but no additional fees will be charged.  Costumes will not be provided by PianoWoodwinds.  Most costumes will consist of a solid color T-shirt with no words or pictures on it, jeans, and closed-toe shoes.  The colors of T-shirts will be determined after the audition process.      


Many children will be needed for other parts of the film where they won't need to speak or even be visible if they are camera shy.  If your child wants to hold letters, make letters (fun art project), make props, and we'll need a lot of kids for the 'BACTERIA GAME'!  (no ecoli will be shared for this, it's just a game)   

We also need some volunteers.  We someone to let us film in their kitchen and possibly outside of their house.  They must allow us to have a dog in one part of the film, and pieces of a ham sandwich on their floor (we won't add any messy condiments, just bread, ham, lettuce, and cheese).  We will need someone with a very well trained DOG.  We prefer a medium or large dog because it will need to reach on top of a kitchen counter top to 'grab' a ham sandwich and walk away with it.  Then it will need to lay down with parts of the ham sandwich in it's paws and/or mouth.  The dog doesn't need to actually eat the sandwich but it needs to at least look like it did.  Your dog must be clean, well groomed, and healthy enough to eat a ham sandwich just in case.  If the parents or guardian of a child in the film volunteers then the participation fee will be waived.